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My Journey to Repose in total comfort!

To the general furniture trade I am too big, but I like to think of myself as probably taller than most!

I am 6’6” tall and weigh under 18 stone, those 2 figures seem to be no problem to them. But for me, to buy a comfortable recliner chair, it is my knee to the ground measurement that is the problem! Most normal sofas and chairs are between 18” and 20” high but my knee height is 24”.

I started my journey by going to a large furniture store about 45 minutes from where I live, but they didn’t have a chair to fit me, even though their recliner chairs were made to order and they quoted 16 weeks for a delivery. I asked them where I should look next for a recliner to fit me, they said there are plenty of companies that advertise, but the salesman was not prepared to name one.

My next port of call was to a company that advertised that they could fit anybody, but it turned out that they could fit anybody as long as the customer fitted one of their stock sizes! They even had recliners that I wasn’t even allowed to sit on!

Another company advertised comfortable recliner chairs which would be made to measure, and I phoned them to ask for a brochure and they just happened to have one of their consultants in my area very soon, so I agreed he could call with a chair for me to try. The man arrived early for his appointment and had brought a recliner with him which he brought in and set up for me to try for comfort. He then took all my measurements for the chair and said that for my height they would add leg extenders to get the required height. He asked whether I was comfortable and, if so, whether I would like to order the chair. I told him that I was still waiting for another price, but please could he advise me his price. There was a lot of figures being put in his laptop and after seemingly ages he quoted an exorbitant price, it was over £4,600!  I was stunned, it seemed an awful lot of money to pay for a recliner chair. After a long time of deliberation from me and the salesman saying that it made sense to place the order today, as he had all the measurements, he could take a 50% deposit from me to place the order and I still had 14 days cooling off period in which to cancel, if I received a lower price. So reluctantly I placed the order and I put the deposit on a credit card. The salesman produced all the paperwork and gave it to me together with a Conditions of Sale booklet and left in a hurry. When I read the Conditions of Sale, which he had not mentioned at all, the booklet recommended being read before placing the order! I subsequently cancelled this order.

While I was waiting for the man above to call, I found a mobility store not far from home and I went to Haverhill Mobility and met Mr Dean Fidler.  My wife and I were impressed with his knowledge of recliner chairs and asked him to supply an estimate for a recliner to fit me.

Dean recommended Repose Furniture as being the company which would make a really comfortable chair to fit me. The estimate for my Repose recliner was well under half the other price and, having seen their websites, I had complete confidence in Dean and Repose.

About 5 weeks after placing the order for the recliner it arrived. It is exceedingly comfortable and has been much admired by my friends and family. My wife then decided that we should throw out an old sofa and buy a Repose two seater sofa to match my chair, which we subsequently did. The Repose Sofa has now arrived and my wife is really pleased with it!

Our sincere thanks to Dean of Haverhill Mobility and Repose for our very comfortable furniture and we strongly recommend both Dean and Repose to anyone who needs to recline in total comfort!

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