Repose Furniture Limited

Heat and Massage Options

Repose offers the Heat and Massage system from Relaxor as an option to any chair.

Repose have chosen the Relaxor Heat and Massage system as we believe it is the best available on the market.

The Relaxor helps smooth tired and aching muscles with gentle vibration and warmth.

With a separate handset you can control different zones built into the chair to target where you need the relaxing vibration to work.

The pads are built into the back, seat and foot rest to massage upper back, lower back, upper and lower thighs and calves. You can set the intensity and speed of each of the pairs of pads using the handset.

Added to this the heat pad in the bottom lumber of the back cushion gives a completely relaxing experience, exactly what is needed at the end of the day or to help recuperation. The gentle combination of heat and massage can also help to promote circulation.

Please note: It is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional or doctor if you suffer with a medical condition or have any medical device fitted (e.g. pacemaker) before purchasing this system.

Heat Only Option

We also offer a heat only system as an energy saving addition to your chair.

The system comes with two heat modules one is fitted into the seat area of the chair and the other comes as a loose cushion heat pad that you can position for your own comfort...behind your back, on your lap or to the side.

The heat pad offers real flexibility as it can be unplugged and stored with the handset in the chair side pocket when not in use.

Both the pads are controlled separately with a simple to use handset which has two temperature settings, just press once for low and twice for high, its that easy.

With running costs as low as 1p an hour the heat system offers a really economic way of providing a little more warmth on cold days or the therapeutic benefit of heat on aching musces and joints.

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