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Melrose Healthcare Chair

Fabric Shown: 
Valencia Rot outer
Black vapour permeable multi way stretch

Melrose Healthcare Chair

The Melrose healthcare is designed to meet the needs of multiple users

As with our other healthcare chairs the Melrose can be fitted quickly to each individual user and there are a range of specialist back cushions and pressure management seat cushions to choose from to meet specific support challenges.

The Melrose addresses pressure management issues and provides adaptable support for neurological and postural conditions. This chair provides carers with a number of options to enable regular repositioning of users to redistribute pressure and support pressure care management.

An in-built tilt in space movement is operated from the push handle allowing the chair to be gently reclined in a range of positions maintaining a constant back angle.

The backrest and leg rest can be separately adjusted providing a further range of back and leg angle combinations to support improved posture and pressure management. Couple this to the angle and height adjustable footplates and this makes the Melrose Repose's most versatile pressure management porter chair.

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Melrose Healthcare Chairs
Melrose Healthcare Recliner
Melrose Healthcare Riser Chair
Melrose Healthcare Recliner Armchairs

Considered users, those who require:

  • A high level of postural support
  • A high level of pressure care management.



All of the covers are quickly removable for ease of cleaning and change.

Replacement covers are available for all of these removable covers:

  • Removable seat cushion cover
  • Removable arm cover
  • Removable wing cover
  • Removable footplate cover
  • Removable contoured leg rest cover


The Melrose combines Tilt in Space, Independent Recline, Independent Leg Rest, Footplate and Seat Depth actions with a range of seat and back cushion options to offer an extensive range of postural and pressure management positions.

Tilt in space movement

Using the left hand lever on the push handle the chair can be gently reclined in a range of positions maintaining a constant back angle. The back locks into position when the lever is released. The push handle comes with rubber grips.

Independent backrest recline

Using the right hand lever on the push handle the backrest can be reclined independently providing a range of back angles. The back locks into position when the lever is released. Enhanced posture and pressure management options are available by combining this movement with the leg rest and footplate adjustment.

Independent leg rest movement

The leg rest angle can be changed independently of the backrest and footplate movements to provide additional posture and pressure management options. Simply pull the lever on the side of the chair and this will release the leg rest so that you can adjust to the required angle for the users comfort, including a negative leg rest angle A. The leg rest locks when the lever is raised. The leg rest is contoured, with padding on either side to support the legs splaying over the side.

Optional footplates

The Melrose has a choice of adjustable footplates that further extend the range of posture and pressure management options, particularly when combined with the leg rest and backrest movements.

Interchangeable back cushions

The interchangeable back cushions can be replaced with five other back options, designed to meet a range of needs.

Interchangeable seat cushions

Seat and back cushions are upholstered in a four-way stretch, vapour permeable fabric to aid pressure care. The fabric is washable at 95°C and available in a range of colours. Choose from a range of interchangeable pressure seat cushion options to meet the specific needs of the user.

Lap strap and pad

D Rings are fitted as standard to enable a lap strap to be connected. Please note that the strap is for safe transportation of people in the chair only. It is not a pelvic positioner and it should never be used for restraining a user.

  Contoured leg rest

The contoured leg rest is padded down the sides providing a channel to support the legs from splaying over the sides of the rest.

Lockable castors

The Melrose comes with heavy duty castors, lockable at the rear.

All Repose Chairs come in a range of sizes for that perfect fit.

Seat depth movement

The seat depth can be adjusted by using a simple mechanism under the seat.

Seat width adjustment

The seat width can be adjusted by removing and interchanging the arm pads to fit the seat to the user. There are two size of arm pads that allow the seat depth to be adjusted. Please note which ones are standard on each of the medium and small chairs.

You then have the option of purchasing the other size as an alternative.

The weight limit of the Melrose is 20 stones.

Seat Height 23" (58cm)
Seat Width 17" (43cm) and 21" (53cm) Using the reversible small arm pads
Seat Depth 16"-22" (40cm to 56cm)
Arm Height 9" (23cm)
Overall Height 49" (124cm)
Overall Width 28" (71cm) and 32" (81cm) (1" and 3" options on arm pad)
Overall Depth 36" (91cm)
Seat Height 23" (58cm)
Seat Width 19" (48cm) and 21" (53cm) Using the reversible arm pads
Seat Depth 16"-22" (40cm to 56cm)
Arm Height 9" (23cm)
Overall Height 49" (124cm)
Overall Width 28" (71cm) and 30" (76cm) (1" and 2" options on arm pad)
Overall Depth 36" (91cm)

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