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Fabric Shown: 
Oustide arm/wings – Highland Navy
Inside arm/wings/back – Highland Yellow
Inner - Blue vapour permeable multi way stretch

The Multi Bari

The Multi Bari is our Multi Range Bariatric rise and recline chair.

Our Multi Range chairs are specifically designed to dynamically meet the challenge of changing care demands.

Adapt the chair over time to provide more support and pressure care or redesign the chair for a new person.

The Multi Bari, the hardest working Bariatric rise and recline chair available. An effective, efficient and value for money solution.

Our Multi Bari seat and back cushions are upholstered in a vapour permeable multi-way stretch fabric, to aid pressure care.

The fabric is washable at 95° and available in a range of colours.

Health Mechanism - Dual - MBOptional HeadrestsSafety DevicesComfort Accessories - 61

multi bari front large
MultiBari Rise large
1 Multi Bari Face S
2 Multi Bari Side S

Suitable For

Considered users:
  • Heavier weight users
  • With progressive conditions, who require pressure care management
  • Who have Oedema legs or fluid build up in legs
  • Who have difficulty in stand to walk position.


Rise and Recline OptionsSeat Cushion OptionsOur Healthcare Grade Fabrics

Care Features

  • Flexibly position the three separate waterfall cushions to get the shape of the back right for each user, with adjustable back padding in all cushions
  • Adapt each back cushion with blockers to adjust the shape and support for the specific needs of each user
  • Choose the right internal seat cushion to meet each new user's pressure care or support needs
  • Maintain the highest hygiene standards with quick change covers and replacement cushions to extend the use of your Multi Bari.


Design Features

  • Flat wide arms for deep comfort and support
  • The seat and leg chaise are generously padded with memory foam for comfort and support and can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Upholstered in a vapour permeable multi-way stretch fabric, to aid pressure care. The fabric is washable at 95° and available in a range of colours
  • A loop for the handset and a deep pocket are positioned for ease of use
  • Fitted with a dual motor mechanism with a weight limit of 40 stones (255kg) and a leg rest with a capacity of 25 stones (160kg)
  • Glides are built in as standard. Castors are not an option with this model.

Fabric Options

Repose offer all the latest Healthcare Grade fabrics that conform to the highest standards for hygiene and infection control. Options include: Waterproof, Anti-MRSA, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Crib 5, Bleach cleanable, Vinyl.

Back and seat cushions are upholstered as standard in a vapour permeable multiple stretch fabric, to aid pressure care and washable to 95°C.

This chair can be manufactured in all the fabric ranges shown below. If you don’t see anything that meets your needs, please ask your supplier as we are able to source a wide range of fabrics.

Size Guide

The Multi Bari Range comes in four sizes:

  Small Medium
Seat Height 18" (46cm)/ 20" (51cm) 18" (46cm)/ 20" (51cm)
Seat Width 24" (61cm) 26" (66cm)
Seat Depth 18" (46cm)/ 20" (51cm)/ 22" (56cm) 18" (46cm)/ 20" (51cm)/ 22" (56cm)
  Large X-Large
Seat Height 18" (46cm)/ 20" (51cm) 18" (46cm)/ 20" (51cm)
Seat Width 28" (71cm) 30" (76cm)
Seat Depth 18" (46cm)/ 20" (51cm)/ 22" (56cm) 18" (46cm)/ 20" (51cm)/ 22" (56cm)

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