Rise recliner mechanisms

Our mechanisms provide a unique range of sitting and recline positions, making sure you can find the perfect positions to enjoy relaxing and resting in your chair. The rise movements provide you with a little extra help to stand and walk comfortably away from your chair.

More information on each of our mechanisms is shown below with clips showing these mechanisms in action.

At Repose we value the important role that quality designed rise recliners, fitted to an individual’s measurements, have on people’s lives. Kate Sheehan, an independent Occupational Therapist has offered a few pieces of advice that might help with your decision making.

Benefits of a rise recliner chair:

  • Ergonomic sitting positions that support the head, neck, back, hips and knees in posture positive positions.
  • Arm rests positioned correctly to allow the arms to relax without pushing up the shoulders or dragging the shoulders down.
  • A range of restful positions, helping transfer weight and relieve pressure building in one place.
  • Recline positions that lift the legs and feet and aid circulation and reduce fluid retention.
  • Support to move about independently with a rise function that transfers the weight to the knees and takes pressure away from the hips, helping you to walk easily away from the chair.
  • Comfortable and supportive positions for rest and to sleep for short periods.

Kate Sheehan, Independent Occupational Therapist

The Single Motor Tilt in Space mechanism allows the leg rest to rise, slightly changing the seat angle, but always ensuring that a constant back angle of 90º is maintained as the chair moves through to recline. (Weight Limit: Up to 35 Stone)

The Single Motor Tilt in Space mechanism is also available as a recline only mechanism.

The Single and Dual Motor Tilt in Space also come with VAL technology. VAL technology allows you to change the angle of the seat when the chair is in a rise position.

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Watch the film clip to see this mechanism in action.

The two motors allow the back rest to move independently of the leg rest enabling a wide range of relaxing positions, from sitting upright and raising the leg rest to relieve tired legs to a fully reclined resting position. (Weight Limit: Up to 70 Stone)

Watch the film clip to see this mechanism in action.