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The Protac® Range of Sensory Products

Protac® is a leading name in Sensory Stimulation Products

All of the Protac® products shown here contain the Protac® balls which, thanks to the deep touch pressure and constant contact to the body’s surface which they provide, activate the sense of touch and the sense of body position and movement.

For information about the impact of the Protac balls, Sensory Integration and the product development please take time to watch our videos contained within each product section.

Protac Sensory Stimulation Products

Protac Sensit

Protac Sensit®

Protac Sensit High Back

Protac Sensit® High Back

Protac Ball Cushion

Protac Ball Cushion™

Protac GroundMe

Protac GroundMe®

Protac Ball Blanket

Protac Ball Blanket™

Protac KneedMe

Protac KneedMe®

Protac MyFit

Protac MyFit®

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