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VAL Technology

VAL or Variable Angle Lift Technology gives you even more flexibility and makes sure our chairs support you with changing independent living needs.

Variable Angle Lift means you can set the angle at which the chair tilts you forward into a standing position.

See the pictures below showing the tilt angles from 10º …. to 20º ….. to 30º

The higher the angle the lower the front of the chair becomes, moving from 12” to 8” allowing a smoother and more supported transition from sitting to standing.

Being able to change the chair dynamics to provide a higher lift height and a smaller foward tilt angle can really help people that have difficulty bending at the hip or knees because of painful joints or postural problems.

A simple pin system allows you to change the angle as required.

We can provide advice on a wide range of mechanisms, if you have a particular need please do contact us to let us see if we can help.

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